Nau mai, haere mai, ki te pae tukutuku o Te Kōti ā Rohe o Aotearoa. Welcome to the website of the District Court of New Zealand.

The District Court is the largest court in Australasia. Most New Zealanders who go to court will go through the entire justice process in the District Court. Each year, 175 Judges in 58 courthouses deal with approximately 200,000 criminal, family, youth and civil matters. Judicial decisions from a representative sample of these cases are published here, with emphasis on significant decisions of particular interest.** Selections are updated regularly in an independent process — overseen by an Editorial Board of judges. Alongside other background material, the publication of decisions on this website aims to enhance the open and transparent administration of justice in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Recently Published

  • R v Taine [2017] NZDC 16159

    Child complainants — evidential interview to be used as evidence in chief — EVI — whether interests of justice require departure from usual procedure —...

  • New Zealand Police v David Albert [2017] NZDC 4724

    Pre-trial application — application to withdraw guilty plea — declaration of individual sovereignty — New Zealand Maori Council v Attorney General — Creeks v...

  • R v Kushell [2017] NZDC 16058

    Burglary — dishonestly using a document for pecuniary advantage — impersonation of a bank staff member — sentencing — R v Puru (1984) 1 CRNZ...

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